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Slab Gallery & Logistic

Purchasing stone requires in-depth knowledge about the suppliers, factories, quarries, selections, price ranges and other fundamental dimensions of stone business in the world.

Being in this field for almost 25 years, we have accumulated such a know-how that enables us to create new platforms, new ways of doing business, that is so much more than just dealing with stones.

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Supply Chain

Regarding our twentyfive years of experience and our expert knowledge in the stone market, we have an explicit and detailed overview of vast stone factories, quarries and materials in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain.
This knowledge enables us to make the best choices and deals for TRUSTUM´s business ventures.

Izmir Slab Gallery & Sourcing

TRUSTUM has a slab gallery in Izmir, Turkey to keep the finest selected marble slabs stocks of different products.

Our unique access to the vast field of factories, quarries and materials is backed-up with detailed reports of specific stones, their providers, the pros and cons of each choice and our experts suggestions and alternative solutions.

We are a full conficence when we claim that, there is no other supplier inTurkey who can equal purchasing in TRUSTUM in terms of

- Reliability
- Responsibility
- Industry expertise and experience
- Access to thousands of suppliers and stocks


We are proud of the great abilities of our over 20 years dedicated import/export department for,

- Worldwide Shipping solutions (land, sea and aircargo)
- Export, import and transshipment expertise
- Documentations



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