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Hereos Of Stones

TRUSTUM GROUP has a vast know-how and expertise which was accumulated throughout many years working in stone business, which led to the creation of Heroes of Stones .

Our visionary and innovative implementations aim to contribute to a more connected and collaborative stone world.

The back office and quality checks of supplies are conducted by a team which has a reputable experience in quality checks for over 20 years.

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Heroes of Stones is a venture specializing in supplying natural stones.

Heroes are a group of sales people who used to work in different stone companies, having at least 10 years of experience.

The target of the Heroes is to supply natural stone products with the highest quality, fastest service, optimal prices, and premium quality control.

Connectedness to the world

HEROES´ connectedness to the world qualifies us to be so much more than just local.

They are travelling several times every year to all continents, upholding relations with our existing customers, getting updates about the new trends in the stone market and doing new business, where we add valuable new partners to our TRUSTUM family.

Niche customer service

Excellence in Sales and Services

HEROES claim to have the most positive feedback from their customers around the world, where our customer reviews reveal that the experience our relations with our customers as so much more. Customers around the world genuinely describe HEROES´ features, distinctiveness, accomplishments and asset as follows:

• Honesty
• Accountability
• Good will
• Problem-solving
• Leading expertise in the stone market in Turkey
• Shared values
• Strong work ethic



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