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Inspectstone’s leveraged its expertise in the industry and drafted new quality inspection standards and procedures, applicable to all orders before they are shipped to clients.

Inspectstone provides you excellent inspection services for your orders from Turkey. With over 20 years of experience in the stone industry, Inspectstone guarantees to supply materials according to your exact order and quality demands.


Inspectstone guarantee the shipment of your orders according to the quality standards of the industry.

Inspectstone pays for any quality fault claims that may arise from its customers. If it was the company’s mistake in the inspection procedure, that led to a faulty product being shipped, then it takes care of any costs arising from that particular fault.

We bring an “owner’s mentality” to our efforts and always seek to inspect what we expect.

What makes Inspectstone different from the other suppliers?

We are full of confidence when we claim that; there is no other supplier in Turkey who can equal Inspectstone in terms of:

- Reliability
- Responsibility
- Industry expertise and experience
- Finishing and selection of quality materials
- Innovative and top-notch customer service

Our business is not only in supplying natural stone materials, but also in growing your own business, and eventually growing ours.

About Stone Inspections

Working with INSPECTSTONE will prevent unwanted risks through instant reports and feedback from us.

We guarantee to provide excellent inspection services by highly qualified and experienced experts who ensure flawless shipment of the ordered material. If any problems should occur despite all precautions, we guarantee professional and immediate problem-solving and solutions for the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Inspectstone carries tile, slab and block quality inspections to their worldwide clients.

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