Being in this field for almost 17 years, we have accumulated much know-how that enables us to create new platformsnew ways of doing business, which is so much more than just dealing with stones.

Our visionary and innovative implementations aim to contribute to a more connected and collaborative stone world.


Inspectstone is a natural stone producer, inspection, and consultancy company for Turkish stone, which was established in 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our headquarters is in Istanbul from where we coordinate our branches in Afyon, Denizli, Adana, Diyarbakır and Antalya.

Our client portfolio reaches from Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy to South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, USA, Canada, Panama and many others.

Providing excellent service of experience, know-how and industry-specific knowledge of new projects, factories, quarries and materials, we are the foremost leading inspection and consultancy firm for stone business in Turkey.

Early 2014, we extend our business to production and we started 20mm and 30mm slab production of few certain materials in addition to our ongoing supply, inspection and consultancy services.

Every day we strive for excellence and we put all our experience, skills and efforts into being trustworthy, reliable partners for our clients worldwide. Companies from over 25 countries around the globe have chosen us as their primary experts in stone related issues benefiting from our dedicated services from selection to shipment.

We deal with every type of natural stones from blocks, slabs to cut—to-size, all in order to respond in the most accurate manner to our client’s specific needs and requirements, while aiming to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, customer service and know how.