Stone Inspection Services

  • It is our business to detect and solve the problems before they are loaded in containers and shipped.
  • We know very well that problematic materials once arrive at the port of destinations, the problem-solving steps are very difficult and expensive.
  • That is why our primary company policy is to ensure the shipment of adequate material compatible with your orders.
  • We guarantee the shipment of your orders according to the quality standards of the industry.



  • Every tile in the crates is checked one by one and we make sure that the selection of the tiles is compatible with your order.
  • The tiles which have cracks, chipped edges, broken corners, size and thickness problems, and finishing problems are separated from the crates.
  •  We ensure packing quality and endurance.
  •  All the above are pictured and reported to our clients



  • Depending on the order and factory, we inspect the materials slab by slab or bundle by bundle.
  • For the approval of the selection, We send pictures of slabs and detailed reports of our experts on cracks, finishing qualities, and measurements.



  • We make pictures of all 5 faces of every block and send it to you.
  • Our experts give a detailed report on cracks and selection which will be presented to you.