Questions On Hot Deals / Special Offers

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What are the hot deals and special offers?

Often there are excellent offers coming from quarries and factories, with significant discounts of unit prices of their materials.

We surely know what can be considered as a hot deal or what is regular or expensive. So, if you receive a notification of any hot deal, you can be sure it is a real hot deal, indeed.

We basically consider at least 20 percent discounted price on the material to be a hot deal.

Hot deals are usually one time offers; they are stock materials only valid for first come buy terms. These hot deals are coming from many factories or quarries and they often offer such deals.

How do I get to know about latest hot deals?

We are only sending the hot deal offers via e-mail to target clients who are looking forward to hear these offers.

Please kindly click here to update your details to receive hot deals.

How frequently I receive hot deals on a particular stone?

As far as hot deal exists on a material, you will be notified.

Frequency does not depend on us. It all depends on the factories or quarries. If they offer their material very cheap then we consider it as a hot deal and put it on our list.

Can you assure me about the quality as I get through hot deals?

We assure to give you all the required information about qualities, selections and quantities on hot deals in order to make a decision to get it or not.

How long a hot deal continues?

It ends as soon as material is sold.

How many hot deals can you offer at a time?

It depends on the deals that we found or noticed at a time. It can be one, or more than ten.

We are covering hundreds of factories, quarries and materials.