Tile Inspection

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Am I going to be notified that your inspectors enter the factory?

Yes, at the moment our inspectors enter the factory we will notify you. You will get an e-mail before the start of inspection.

We will ask you for your valuable last minute instructions, if there are any.

We request you to stay online throughout the inspection as this helps us take your opinions during the inspection.

As dimensions are so important, how do you check the size, thickness and squareness of the tiles?

We mostly use digital calipers for measurements.

First, we assure that the size of the tiles is in accordance with international standards.

The tiles are selected randomly for measurement and at least three tiles are selected from each crate. If we find out any problem related measurement, we keep checking more tiles to make things sure.

For further actions, we are discussing the subject with our clients.

How can you be sure all the tiles are exact on dimensions?

It is impossible to check all the tiles one by one on the purpose of measurement.

However, we select tiles randomly and measure them. If we identify any problem, we check more tiles and measure them to ensure whether the problem still exists.

Do you count all the tiles in the crates?

Yes, the content of each crate is counted one by one and we are adding the numbers to our inspection report.

What happens if you find out fewer pieces of tiles than the packing list number?

We guarantee that the actual number and packing list conform with each other.

How do you do the selection inspection?

We randomly take out four to six tiles from each crate and place them on the floor, mix their sequences and check if color and selection are alright.

If we identify any problem related to the color or selection, or if we think that the tiles cannot be placed next to each other, we give alert on the subject.

How can we be sure that the inspected crates will be loaded?

We mark all the crates after we inspect and also sign them before leaving the factory.

Moreover, our consultancy service also supervises the loading of the containers at the factory or at the port and also takes loading pictures.

We also double-check the marked and signed crates before they are loaded into the container.

How can you be sure on chipped edges during transportation? We have bad experiences on this issue.

This is a common problem that we have often experienced in the past. We do have packing system which are encouraging the producers to obey our norms.

In case they decline to do so, we immediately notify our clients, discuss and decide to the action plan together.

What happens if edges get chipped during inspection?

Some materials are so fragile that while trying to take them out of the crate, the edges may be chipped.

While inspecting that type of materials, we do not use our regular inspection procedure. Though we are unable to examine all tiles one by one, we are still achieving impressive results.

What happens if any damage happens to the material during transportation?

We suggest you to protect your orders with the help of insurance.

We often face similar situations when bundle loads might get damaged and broken during the shipment. (See attached pictures)

It is therefore advisable to be insured so that you can handle such risks smoothly. You should insure your orders even if the probability of risk is low.

What if there are many sizes on the orders for the project? Do you check all pieces?

We take the responsibility of measuring all the sizes one by one on project inspections, besides checking the finishing.

Do you follow several inspection rules for different size of orders?

Yes. We have diverse inspection procedures depending on the following variables: Material, quality, size, thickness, quantity, factory/quarry, finishing.

What is the cost of tile inspection?

It is calculated on the basis of the location, quantity, quality and size of your orders. Our inspection cost is starting from 0.70 USD/sqm.

Please send us e-mail about the details of your orders for exact pricing.

Do you also check the packing quality?

Yes, packing is one of our main concerns during the inspections. We do not confirm any loads without ensuring the packing strength and quality.

We are proficient enough to understand how strong the package is. In order to ensure safety, we also measure the thickness and the quality of the wood used for crates.

Do you provide DRY-LAY inspection?

Yes, we do dry-lay inspection for certain orders.