Slab Inspection

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As measurement is vital, can you please explain how do you measure tile and slab ?

If the slabs are not in well-cut shape and have broken corner or edges, while measuring the slabs;

  • We always get the largest rectangular dimensions which can be cut from the slabs.

If the slabs are already in well shape and there are no selection problems which must be deducted from the measurements;

  • We give allowance from both sizes between 7-10cm depending on the agreement with the factory.

If the slabs are already in well shape but have selection problems;

  • We measure the slabs considering the selection problems and we get the sizes of useable range.

Once we order an inspection, how long does it take to complete the entire process?

It depends on the production schedule of the factories. Generally, we carry out inspection within three days after the production is completed in the factories.

What does pre-inspection picture mean and how does it relate with slab inspection?

When we visit the producer, we initially send you the pictures of the slabs and wait for your instructions. Once you confirm the selection, we initiate our detailed inspection for the finishing, cracks and the other problems if there are any. Finally we perform the measurements.

Am I going to be notified about when you start conducting inspection?

Yes, at the moment our inspectors enter the factory we will notify you. You will get an e-mail before the start of the inspection.

We will ask you for your valuable last minute instructions, if there are any.

If possible, we request you to stay online throughout the inspection as this helps us to take your opinions during the inspection.

What will I see in your Slab Inspection Report ?

You are going to find;

– All front pictures of the bundles

– Net and discounted measurements of each slab

– Number of the slabs

– Block numbers related to the slabs

–  Close up photos of the problematic areas of the slabs

–  Our comments on the selection and finishing

Are you going to inspect each slab or only each bundle?

Slab by slab inspection is possible however this type of inspection should be confirmed by the factory. In these cases, mostly we are visiting the factory during the packing (Even it happens during night shift) and we are checking the slabs while bundling.

What is the cost of slab inspection?

It is calculated on the basis of the location, quantity, quality and size of your orders. Our slab inspection cost is starting from 0.70 USD/sqm.

To get more details on slab inspection, please follow this link.