Questions On Stone Consultancy Service

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In which conditions we can get your consultancy services?

We only work in natural stone industry. We are highly skilled on inspecting any type of natural stone, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, sandstone and others.

How do you choose the referred stones?

We are highly experienced on materials and selections along with their suppliers’ terms. We have gained this proficiency from our over 12 years of experience of dealing with more than 6000 containers from inspections, 200+ factory and quarry inspections and clients from 25+ different countries.

How do you gather all these information?

This is our business and we must know the business we are in.

We work hard, travel a lot, and spend a lot for investigations and exploring. We also attend natural stone exhibitions in Turkey, Italy, China and Brazil regularly every year.

What kind of responsibilities do you have in consultancy service?

It is our responsibility to apprise you of all the options and advise you about choosing the correct suppliers and correct prices. However, final decision is yours.

Once you make a decision, our work starts again for following up the order, inspecting, and supervising shipment procedures.

We are responsible till you sell the material you received or use it in your project.

Is there a unique work method for each project?

Yes, there is some uniqe work methods.

Each task is considered as a fresh case. Strategies and working methods are built on various variables like; materials, selections, suppliers, schedules, qualities, quantities, people, weather conditions and seasons, trucking, shipment and psychologies.

What is your transparency term?

Honesty is our transparency term. Our clients know the factories/quarries or suppliers from whom we purchase material to meet their requirements. They also know the accurate prices. All invoices related to their orders are open to their view.