Questions On Prices

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How are the prices of your own produced materials compared to the ones you are outsourcing?

We are ONLY producing the materials which we can offer to our clients a bit cheaper.

Our factory is always producing extra quality materials in terms of finishing. We are not comprimising our factory production quality in any circumstances.

If our costs do not allow us to produce a material at the same levels of other producers, we prefer outsourcing, instead of producing and pricing them higher.

How can I get the price list of all materials?

We do not have any price list.

When you consider there are hundreds of factories, materials, sizes and qualities, a price list should contain thousands of numbers…

Please send e-mail us about your needs for pricing.

How do you give us better prices than direct factories?

This is a service that are giving in our consultancy service.

Just like you, we are the customer of factories and quarries. We are beneficial customer for them. Our order volumes are quite large and consistent in terms of sizes and qualities.

We purchase materials for many clients from many different countries.

Not always, but we believe many times, we can close the deals with better prices than your direct deals with the factories. This is one of the main benefits for our customers that can get from us in short terms.

Do I get the same quality with a better price met my need?

You will get for sure better quality and service. Unit prices will be most probably same as your direct factory prices or cheaper.