Inspection Service In General

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Why should we take this inspection service from Inspectstone?

We are one of the most reputable Inspection and Consultancy companies with 12 years of experience in this business.

We have established ourselves as a brand global name. We always strive hard to hold our leading position in the industry.

We conduct our business very carefully as there is no room for mistakes for us.

We believe that trust can be built mutually after developing several business relationships over the years.

– We are the most experienced inspection company, we have been in the natural stone inspection business since 2001.

– We are not individual inspectors but a company

– We offer the best service and reporting in the industry

– We cover all the factories and quarries in Turkey

– We can offer FREE trial for you. You don’t need to pay if you are not satisfied

I am already working with Turkish factories, so why would I hire an inspector?

We highly recommend you to opt for an inspection as the slightest negligence can prove to be really expensive. Such negligence will not only cause you to lose money but you will also end up losing your precious time, project, your customers and above all, your reputation.

It is true that every business involves certain risks, mistakes and misunderstandings. Identifying such problems in the initial stages may help to save your business.

Do you have different inspection procedures?

Yes. We have diverse inspection procedures depending on the following variables: Material, quality, size, thickness, quantity, factory/quarry, finishing.

Please click on the mentioned links below to get more information.

Tile Inspection

Slab Inspection

Block Inspection

What do you provide us? Will I receive photos and all necessary reports?

Yes, we provide you the relevant reports and pictures in digital formats that we gather during the time of inspection.

Will I have any trust issues with the factory I work because of utilizing your service? Will it affect my relationships?

Our service is good for you as well as your supplier.

No one prefers to face problems caused by some hidden mistakes or inferior quality products.

It is a known fact that no one does a mistake on purpose. We are here to help you to find out any flaws/ mistakes that have been overlooked by your supplier.

We are not a threat to your supplier. In fact, we are their third party insurance as well.

In case my orders are not delivered as desired quality, who will be the responsible?

In the inspection progress, the responsibility of the producer or supplier should not be lost.

Inspection progress helps suppliers as well as our clients. A crucial aspect of our job is to find out the problems in the earliest stage so that the solutions can be simple and trouble free for all parties.

What is the most critical point during the inspection?

Keeping in touch with the clients and apprising them about the uncommon, unexpected and uncertain situations are the most critical points at the time of inspection.

This is why we notify our clients on inspection schedules so that they can be online with us during the inspection. We can contact them instantly and ask them about their opinions and views, if required at that moment.

In case we cancel an inspection order, do we still pay inspection fee?

No, we do not charge inspection fees for orders that have been cancelled for any reason.

Who should use inspection services?

Any company or individual who buys natural stone should utilize inspection services to ensure the quality.

Is it possible to inspect all materials?

Yes, we do inspect all types of natural stone.

Do you supervise the container loadings?

Container loadings are supervised only when you ask our consultancy service to be provided.

Our inspection service is carried out only in factories.

Do you do lashing and container stuffing?

We outsource lashing jobs to professional companies if container is loaded at  the ports. We are not permitted to enter the port.

They are the experts in carrying out lashing and fumigation.

We provide you with the pictures of your orders lashing and loading within our consultancy service.

If container is loaded at the factories, we are doing lashing and container stuffing.

Should we send you a control sample?

Most of the time, pictures are enough for us to comprehend the selection you need. In case we need control sample, we ask it from our clients.

Is your inspection service internationally certified to use L/C?

You can mention the name of our company in your letter of credit applications. We give the necessary inspection reports to be used for letter of credit documents.

How many inspections can be conducted in one day?

We can carry out up to 10 inspections a day depending on the order variables.

Can I join you during an inspection?

You are most welcome. We will be glad to see you in Turkey whenever you would like to come.