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How many factories are there in Turkey?

There are approximately 3000 factories in Turkey. Around 300 of them are producing materials eligible for export.

Where are all these factories located?

All of the factories are located in different sides of Turkey.

Although in the past, most of them were located in AFYON, recently established factories are built near to owned quarries in order to save time and inland costs while bring the blocks from quarry to the factory.

However, we can say that the most valuable factories in Turkey are located in Denizli, Afyon and Antalya triangle. There are many quarries in that region, besides not so far from Izmir port. That triangle is so important for building the natural stone factories in the last few years.


Do you cover all the factories in and around Turkey?

Yes, we are covering almost all factories.

How can we choose the factory for our orders?

We can assist you on this subject. This is our business that we know very well regarding our experiences.

We have worked with nearly all the factories in Turkey since 2001. We do have the experience on most of them, we know all the positive and negative sides, from pricing to quality, production schedules and packing.

We are choosing the ones to outsource the orders by considering many facts depending on the project variables. It is an algorithm coming from our experiences.