Block Inspection

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Do you send pictures to customers for approval?

Yes, we always send you pictures before marking the blocks. We also report you on the selection, cracks, sizes and other issues if there are any.


How does Inspectstone conduct block inspection?

Following the size and selection checks of the block, we examine the visible cracks during the block inspection.

If we identify any crack or selection issues, we ask for your comments before marking the block.

How do you measure blocks?

In Turkey, 95% of the block sales are on weight basis (tons).

We usually try to get cuts due to the problems or cracks on the blocks if there are any. This is done with mutual agreement with the quarry staff.

If the purchase of the block is on cubic meter, we measure the block on the slab face with the largest rectangular slab dimension that can be cut. This is also done with mutual agreement with the quarry staff.

What do you do if we do not like the block when we receive?

This may happen at the times on block marking. So this is primary reason, we kindly ask our clients to send their inspectors to assist us during the block marking.

If it happens, we try to negotiate with the quarries for some compensation on next purchases.

How much do you charge for block inspection?

We charge for our block inspection on the basis of per ton. Numbers depend on the quantity and location of the quarry. Please send us e-mail to receive the details for pricing.

Do you have any specialized material or quarry ?

We are doing inspection on all the natural stone blocks in Turkey.

We have been in this business since 2001. We have quite good experience on natural stones not only in blocks but also in slab and cut to size sections. That is a main reason that we know well what and how to check the natural stone blocks.

We do the best in our job.