Benefits Of Consultancy Service

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What are the benefits of our consultancy services?

We are promising success in your natural stone business either you are a distributor or supplying direct to cut to size projects.


We choose, suggest, advice and take responsibility for the followings:


– Finding out alternative materials or suppliers

– Finding out alternative factories or quarries

– Better prices

– Production schedules

– Finishing qualities

– Packing qualities

– Shipments


* You can save your time and concentrate on your business rather than following your orders

* You can also provide accurate information to your sales stuff or  clients about production of your orders.

* You can save adequate money as you do not need to travel for inspection and to find out new materials and suppliers.

* You can provide immediate information on prices and production schedules of the materials to your customers thru our newly developed customer portal.

* You can get new projects that require you to submit new materials with our leadings.

* You can market and sell your orders even before receiving the products with the help of pictures and reports provided by us.

* We ensure that you do not receive any material that does not meet your order specification.

* You can have a one to one business relationship instead of one to many relationship which consume your time and energy to handle.

We assume full responsibility until you sell the material to a third party or use it to complete a project of your company.

We are offering you the ease of doing business!