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How can we trust you?

We are one of the most reputable Inspection and Consultancy companies with 12 years of experience in this business.

We have established ourselves as a global brand name. We always strive hard to hold our leading position in the industry.

We conduct our business very carefully as there is no room for mistakes for us.

We believe that trust can be built mutually after developing several business relationships over the years.

What other services do you provide other than inspection?

We do offer all round service to our clients.

In addition to our marble production, we purchase materials for you, choose the right factory/quarry for the required materials, choose quality materials, lead to correct prices.

We suggest materials, assist you by organizing shipments and combining different materials in containers.

In other words, we take care of everything for you just to make your business more profitable.

What kind of qualification does your team have?

Our team is the heart of our company.

We are proud of our team who work dedicatedly to serve our clients. We hire only university graduates, preferably mining engineers and implement all possible measures to train them.

How do you gather all these information?

This is our business and we must know the business we are in. We work hard, travel a lot, and spend a lot for exploring. We also attend natural stone exhibitions in Turkey, Italy, China and Brazil regularly every year.

Where is your office located ?

Our head office is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. The address is :

Degirmen Sk, AR Plaza
No: 16
A 11 Kadikoy 34742

Tel : + 90 216 658 7671