What we do ?

Over a decade, Inspectstone relentlessly provides quality services to its customers. We are proud to set higher benchmark each time to give our customers the assurance of quality. We guarantee quality materials i.e stones in all formats (Block, Slabs or tiles) to our customers.

Now, you have the chance to enjoy the hassle-free and worry-free stone checking facilities to get the highest quality stone.

We ensure high quality stone inspection procedures for you. Our time-tested stone checking expertise will give you an insider’s view on quality.

We do production

We are producing 20mm and 30mm marble, travertine and onyx in our brand new, state of art premises.

We make production in our brand-new factory

We are producing selected materials with top finishing qualities in our premises. Please visit our production section to get further details.


We provide consultancy on Turkish stone industry

We offer overall service to our clients. We guide you in the market to choose right factories/quarries for the required materials, suggest materials, negotiate and purchase,  provide samples and provide pictures, organize shipments and combine different materials in containers along with numerous other options.

In other words, we take care of everything. Please click here to get further information about our Consultancy Services.


We conduct inspection on your natural stone orders

We conduct inspection on the selection and quality of your natural stone tile, slab or block orders from Turkey. Please read more on our time-tested inspection services if you are interested in.