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Planning to visit Turkey soon?


New in Turkish stone?

We are strongly advising you to make a trip to Turkey with us to see the factories, stone types, selections and business culture if you are new in Turkish stone or if you didn’t make such a trip yet.

We have been hosting these type of trips for many years, regardless of you doing or not doing business with Inspectstone. Through this, we target to introduce and present Turkish natural stone industry while providing our guests a gaze to Turkish culture itself.

As we travel via air and land transportation, the trips last between two and four days, depending on the specific demands.

We are going to visit at least twenty factories in different cities, where you will see a vast variety of all colors and materials quarried in Turkey.




We spend time in Turkish Airlines business class lounges before flying, we enjoy driving through Turkey, while listening to the motivating “Inspectstone on the Road” Spotify playlist, we eat excellent food in hidden local restaurants, we stay in the finest hotels.

We chat about stone, culture, sports and business, and after these couple of days, we’ll know if there is a mutual fundament for doing business together.

You will get all the details and expert information about natural stone business in Turkey, including producers, products, selections, qualities and prices.

If you have plans to either look for a specific product in Turkey or are interested in an inspection of your natural stone order, it will be our pleasure to meet with you.

Email us about your available dates, to mutually plan the trip details.

Experienced in Turkish stone?


If you are experienced in Turkish stone and already have your appointments and schedule fixed, we would like to offer you a cup of tea.

We believe, getting to know each other, will surely bring plenty of good to our lives and business.


Don’t have time to travel? We can visit you at your premises for a meeting.