Packing & Lashing


As Inspecstone, we give close attention to the packing of the materials and securing the container loads.

We do have very strict rules for ensuring the packing qualities on our products and outsourced products.

It is fact that even the world’s most beautiful and expensive materials can easily become trash due to poor packing conditions.

Slab & Tile Packing


Since 2001, we have experienced many unwanted scenarios due to poor packing and lashing of the containers. Each experience cost us a lot. (View related pictures)

Our business is not producing the first class materials but delivering these first class materials to our clients.

Our excellence vision and experience have brought the highest quality standards on packing and lashing of the containers.

We Do Have Experience

On the contrary to many other suppliers, we are not trying to stint on packing costs but investing more on packing and lashing to make sure of delivering the orders to our clients’ premises or to the project in the safest conditions.

We do have our own standards on cut to size and slab packings which we do not compromise in any circumstances.

Please see the pictures of packing and lashing below.