Inspectstone is a natural stone producer, supplier, inspection and consultancy company for Turkish stone established in 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our headquarters is in Istanbul from where we coordinate our branches in Afyon, Denizli, Adana, Diyarbakır and Antalya.

Our client portfolio reaches from Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy to South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, the USA, Canada, Panama and many others.

Providing excellent service of experience, know-how and industry-specific knowledge of new projects, factories, quarries and materials, we are the foremost leading inspection and consultancy company for stone business in Turkey.

In early 2014, we extended our business to production and we have started 20mm and 30mm slab production of few certain materials in addition to our ongoing supply, inspection and consultancy services.

One of our field of expertise is to supply high quality natural stones; Turkish marble, limestone, travertine, marble pavers, tumbled and travertine pavers, and many more.

We have specialized in stone inspection with primary focus on customer satisfaction to deliver the good range of the highest quality natural stones.

As Inspectstone, we work hard to render better services with excellence and we put all our experience, skills and efforts into being trustworthy, reliable partners for our clients in worldwide. Companies from over 25 countries around the globe have chosen us as their primary expert in stone business.

We deal with every type of natural stone from blocks, slabs to cut-to-size, all in order to respond in the most accurate manner to our clients’ specific needs and requirements as aiming to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, customer service and know-how.

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As Inspectstone, we believe that great achievements are the result of hard work, determination and team spirit.

Our team consists of only top professionals from the field and gathers native Arabic, Korean and German specialists that help us to grow in a strong way.

Umut Yesiltan

Partner, Director Civil Engineer


Umut is the director of the company. He has been in the  natural stone sector since 2001.


Mehmet Budak Derya

Partner, Director Mining Engineer


Budak is another partner of the company. He has been working in natural stone sector since 1999.

Asim Turgut

Legal Advisor Lawyer


Asim is our company Lawyer and Legal advisor. He manages all legal issues about the company.

Sahra Turk

Marketing Management


Sahra graduated from university in 2009 with a management degree. She has been in natural stone sector since then. She is in our marketing team.


Sales Asia Marketing


Tommy is our partner in Korea. Currently he is living in Seoul. He takes care of everything in Korea and China.

Owais Hosein

Sales Middle East Engineer


Owais is our Middle East area manager in sales department.

Eyup Ozer

Operation Management


Eyup has been working in operation department since 2012. He controls all logistic and operation works.

Mehmet Ertas

Purchase Office International Trade


Mehmet graduated from university in 2010 with a concentration international trade. He is taking care of  purchases in the company.

Selamet Kaynak

Inspector Marketing

Selamet is one of our inspectors. He is working with us for two years.

Anna Yagci

Web Content Executive Digital Marketing


Anna is working as Web Content Executive and blogger in digital marketing department.

Maksat Gurbanov

Sales Executive Inspectstone Russia


Maksat is working in our Sales department and taking care of the customers in Russian-speaking countries.

Arzu Isguzar

Executive Assistant Support and Assistance


Arzu has recently joined our team as Executive Assistant.

Elife Arslan

Accountant Accounting


Elife is also in our accountant team.