SLAB Inspection


During slab inspection, we examine visible cracks on requested selections and sizes. If we identify any crack or selection problem, we ask for your comments before the final confirmation.

To approve the selection, we send pictures of the bundles and detailed reports prepared by our experts.

We ensure packing quality and endurance.

We rely on our on-field experience to supervise the task. In every step of material inspection, we offer a real-time update of the orders quality to our customers.

How We Do?


Slab measurements are performed on the basis of the problems and defects on the slabs. The measurement is made according to the mutual agreement with factory staff.

Measurements :

– If the slabs are not in well shape and have broken corner or edges, we always try to get the largest rectangular dimension which can be cut out from the slabs.

– If the slabs are already in well shape AND there are no selection problems independently of the measurements, we give allowance from both sizes between 70-100 mm depending on the agreement with the factory.

– If the slabs are already in well shape but have selection problems, we measure the slabs by considering their selection problems and get the sizes of usable range.

Pictures :

We provide you high definition images of each bundle or slab, which you can be able to judge the selection of the slabs easily.

We are ready to conduct a free inspection on your order. You may try our services, thus we can get to know each other more. Please click here to contact us.