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Distributor or Warehouse OPERATOR ?


We have a lot of clients who are natural stone distributors in their cities, regions or countries.

We know through our 12 year experience how hard it might be to introduce new materials to the market – expensive investments, marketing procedures and expenses… More than that, we know how expensive patience can be.


We have achieved success on many levels with our clients

– Searching of high quality materials that are available on the market

– Finding and introducing new materials that satisfy needs and demands of the market

– Putting new materials to inventories

– Market protection workouts

– Accurate selection of materials

– Perfect pricing

– Providing high degree of quality and selection standard

– Continuous supply of quality materials

– Smart logistics


If you are a distributor, warehouse owner or stockist, we would like to contact you for mutual consultation and initiate a partnership that will lead both parties to success and gain.