• #Inspecting Crystal Grey Blocks in Isparta

    This is the story and brief about one of our inspections conducted last week.

    Last week, we were in Isparta to conduct inspection on Crystal Grey marble as blocks for one of our customer…

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    22.01.2017 by Anna

  • #What Have We Done So Far On Inspecting?

    As one of the fields of our business, we are not only a producer and a supplier, but also an inspection and consultancy company. We conduct lots of inspections in a month, in a week and eve…

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    05.01.2017 by Anna

  • #Inspect and Supply Volga Blue From Ukraine

    As being not only a producer, inspecting and consultancy company; but also a supplier, we do many works in both domestic land and international area. Having almost 15-year experienc…

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    01.01.2017 by Anna

  • #Inspecting Silver White In Required Size

    As a part of our business, we travel a lot not only to keep our relationships strong with our customers and exhibit our products in international and national fairs, but to keep up with t…

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    15.11.2016 by Anna

  • #Serious Problem: Receiving An Incorrect Order

    Sometimes we encounter some problems in our work of field such as timing or material problems due to factories. But this time, it was a really ‘’serious’’ one that we were deep…

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    19.08.2016 by Anna

  • #Finding Stella Ivory In Demanded Selection

    As beige marble is still a trend in lots of countries in the world, the demand is maintaining its situation. There have been many orders of our customers from different countries that c…

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    10.08.2016 by Anna